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Because of the AMD CPU Rating it's easy to get a little bit confused about the real frequencies
of an Athlon XP, T-Bred,or Barton CPU.
To avoid this confusion and always have the right frequency, I've written this script,
whereby it's now made for CPUs up to the newest AMD Sempron.
Furthermore there's a so called product ID (OPN) on each AMD CPU, which is necessary
to indicate for example the right Vcore or the maximum allowed CPU temperature, but also
this product ID wasn't really easy to understand for everyone without studying several AMD datasheets.
So I think this is a very helpful interactive guide for every AMD CPU reseller, owner, or everyone
who like to buy one.

The guide is really easy to handle:
Simply select the line code of your CPU DIE over the dropdown fields and type in the requested rating value
(or the frequency) of the CPU and you'll get the values and description in the fields below.
I'm sorry that the frequency calculation isn't 100 percent proper since AMD have changed
the rating of 166 MHz FSB CPUs (higher rating at the same frequency).

The calculation for all newer processors are now completely revised,
so that also the Cache and the FSB value, which is used by AMD to determinate the ratings,
is now also considered.
It's very important to select all fields (at least CPU type, FSB, Cache) before you get the right rating !

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