Interactive Pin-Mod guide v1.2 for AMD Athlon XP, T-Bred and Barton CPUs

MHz FSB (type in)
CPU Frequency

Here it goes to the handling of the new interactive AMD Pin-Mod guide v1.2 ...

Very important, if you've already an option to change the multi in your BIOS,
you HAVE TO change this multiplier to "Autodetect" !!!
(unless you just like to use the unlock function in the Pin-Mod guide)
The same applies to the Vcore, please also leave the Vcore settings of your BIOS
(if existing) at Default respectively at Autodetect if you like to change the Vcore
with the Pin-Mod guide.
Please cut all L11 bridges if you like to select a Vcore with the Pin-Mod guide,
you're just able to build a higher Vcore depending to the actual L11 bridge
and Pin-Mod combinations.
And you have to cut the L12 bridges if you like to select a lower FSB,
otherwise it's only possible to select a higher FSB.


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