The interactive AMD Athlon 64, Opteron, Sempron and Turion 64 product ID guide ...




v 3.1 

New functions since version 3.0:

The new version 3.0 offers in addition to the manual CPU selection also a direct control of the interactive AMD Athlon 64 product ID guide.
That is particularly very useful for online dealers and distributors, but also for everyone who would like to post a link to the CPU.
Simply select the complete description of the AMD Athlon 64 CPU over the select fields and then copy the appearing link to the clipboard,
or add the CPU data directly with ?cpu=XYZ to the script URL.
This link can be used in shops, forums, web pages, etc. (let it open in a new window with target=_blank).
Example Link:
<a href="" target="_blank">CPU data</a>

Furthermore it is now also possible to search the CPU directly in the OC-Database and in addition get the respective systembus multiplier.
All in all it's a very extensive development, which let many hearts strike more highly.


There's a so called product ID (OPN) description on each AMD Athlon 64 CPU, which is necessary to indicate
for example the right Vcore or the maximum allowed CPU temperature, but this product ID wasn't really easy to understand
without studying several AMD datasheets.
So I think this is a very helpful interactive guide for all AMD CPU reseller, owner, or everyone who like to buy one.
New are the latest AMD Socket AM2 the mobile AMD Socket S1 and several Dual Core (X2) processors.
Of course the technical data is despite careful investigations without guarantee.
This interactive product ID is also available for AMD Athlon II, Phenom, AMD Phenom II, Socket A processors and the latest Intel processors.
If you've questions about any processor which isn't already explained in the Workshop area,
don't hesitate to use our english and german Forum.


The interactive AMD Athlon 64, Opteron, Sempron and Turion 64 product ID guide is really easy to handle:
Simply select the code line of your Athlon 64 CPU over the dropdown fields and you'll get the
proper values and descriptions in the fields below.

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