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Seasonic Vertex GX-850 Power Supply Review

Fully modular 850 Watt PC power supply offers ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standard! Today on OCinside.de we are testing the Seasonic Vertex GX-850, a modern, fully modular PC power supply that complies with the latest ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 specifications. With its 850 watts power and 80 Plus Gold certification, it offers an optimal power source for high-performance gaming PCs and workstations. Whether it can convince in practice is explained in the following review, where we take a … Continue reading Seasonic Vertex GX-850 Power Supply Review

Lian Li SP850 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

Energy efficient PCIe 5.0 SFX power supply! Lian Li has taken it upon itself to develop a modern, powerful PC power supply in small form factor format, which should fully meet today’s standards and customer requirements. The result is a fully modular 850 Watt SFX PC power supply with 80 Plus Gold certification and 12-pin high-power connector according to PCIe 5.0 standard. On paper, this reads excellent, but how the small power dwarf performs in practice will be revealed in … Continue reading Lian Li SP850 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

Lian Li SP750 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

The power supply is often a PC component that gets little attention, but it is extremely important, because without a good power supply a stable system is unthinkable! With the SP750 Gold SFX power supply, Lian Li offers a powerful SFX PSU for high performance gaming PCs in compact Mini-ITX and Mini ATX cases. How the Lian Li SP750 performs, we show in the following OCinside.de review.

Cooler Master Reactor Gold 750W Power Supply Review

No matter if home server, gaming PC or workstation, a reliable power supply with sufficient power reserves is essential for the trouble-free operation of a computer. With the appropriate name Reactor, Cooler Master offers a fully modular 750W ATX power supply, which is also 80 Plus Gold certified. Whether it will fire up an overclocked gaming setup sufficiently, the following test reveals.

Asus ROG Thor 1200W Platinum Power Supply Review

Today we review the new Asus ROG Thor 1200P Platinum Power Supply with 1200 Watt total power. We already tested a lot of Power Supplies on OCinside.de, but we have never tested a PSU with addressable RGB lighting and OLED Power Display. Now let us take a look at the following review to see where the other special features of this Asus Rog Thor 1200W power supply can be found.

Phantom Gaming Alliance Review

Today we have a detailed look at the Phantom Gaming Alliance products from ASRock, Cooler Master and TeamGroup on OCinside.de. Phantom Gaming is a brand-new ASRock gaming product line designed to provide gamers, professionals and PC enthusiasts with world-class products. We test Phantom Gaming by building a PC with the following Phantom Gaming products: ASRock B365 Phantom Gaming 4 Mainboard with Intel Core i9-9900K CPU, ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX 590 8G OC graphics card, Cooler Master MasterCase H500P … Continue reading Phantom Gaming Alliance Review

Antec HCG 750W Gold Power Supply Review

Today we test on OCinside.de the Antec High Current Gamer Gold Modular power supply with 750 Watt total power. The Antec HCG 750W 80PLUS Gold power supply is fully modular and offers a button with a very special function. In the review we will look at the cable management, power supply design, energy efficiency and of course the special feature. There is even again an interactive 360 degree view and thermal images of the power supply in this review.

Seasonic Platinum 760W Power Supply Review

Can it be a little more? With these words, a meeting at Seasonic could have started when it came to design a new high-performance power supply. We have the result in the test today. The Seasonic Platinum 760W XP2 power supply. What makes this power supply so special apart from the technical specifications is now published on OCinside.de.

Enermax Revolution Xt II 750W PSU Review

We continue with a new power supply review. This time Enermax is launching a small power plant that not only excels with its high power output of 750 watts, but also has a few more finesses. How well the Revolution X’t II power supply performs in the test, and whether a metal bracket can really change our IT life, everything and much more can be found on OCinside.de!

Enermax Platimax D.F. 600W Power Supply Review

Only power helps in the long run! A sentence, which should be known in the car tuning scene, can also be used in the hardware area. It is true that manufacturers have been struggling to reduce the energy consumption of their products steadily for some years, but someone who has high performance gaming hardware, should know power consumption around 500 watts. More than a small plug-in power supply is necessary to guide our heroes in a safe and secure manner … Continue reading Enermax Platimax D.F. 600W Power Supply Review