Mouse Reviews

NZXT Lift 2 Ergo Review

Introduced today and already on the test bench at OCinside.de! With 26,000 DPI, a lightweight 61 grams and equipped with a PMW3395 sensor, the white Lift 2 Ergo from NZXT also promises a lot of gaming fun. The following pages will show whether the product is convincing in terms of ergonomics. The NZXT MXL900 mouse pad is also used in addition to the mouse on the table surface.

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Review

Not quite cheap, but a top mouse! Mice are a dime a dozen. But what exactly makes the Basilisk V3 Pro Gaming Mouse so special, what great features it offers and why a computer user blinks less, you can now find out in the following review here at OCinside.de!

Cooler Master MasterMouse MM712 Review

Lightweight Cooler Master MasterMouse MM712 Gaming Mouse! With a free choice between wired operation, connection via 2.4 GHz dongle or Bluetooth 5.1, a weight of only 58 g and software configuration options, Cooler Master offers a wide range of features that should attract gaming enthusiasts. The announcement of possible fine-tuning and macros, PTFE mouse feet and an Ultraweave cable definitely raise our interest.

SilentiumPC SPC Gear SPG152 LIX Wireless Review

Today we are testing a mouse that is clearly targeted at gamers with an adjustable sensitivity of maximum 16000 DPI. This mouse is called Endorfy SPC Gear Lix Wireless and can be operated via USB or charged for wireless operation. A corresponding RGB lighting and programmable buttons underline the orientation towards the mentioned target group. After the review, you can win an SPC Gear LIX Wireless RGB mouse on OCinside.de with a bit of luck!

Uhuru WM-08 RGB Review

Today we are testing the WM-08, a very affordable RGB wireless mouse from Uhuru. We take a look at whether you can get a decent RGB wireless mouse for a very small budget in the following review and even test it in a LAN party endurance trial.

Cooler Master MasterMouse MM731 Review

Impressive Cooler Master MasterMouse MM731 gaming mouse! Today we’re testing the new MM 731, a really chic gaming mouse from Cooler Master that offers a wide range of features despite its light weight class. We show at OCinside.de what the Cooler Master mouse has to offer and how it performs.

Thermaltake Argent M5 RGB Review

Stylish mouse that is not just good for gaming! Today we are testing the Argent M5 RGB, a new gaming mouse from Thermaltake, who are well-known among gamers for their extensive product portfolio. Today we take a look at the features of the Argent M5 RGB mouse and test how it performs.

Corsair M65 RGB Elite Review

Today we test on OCinside.de the Corsair M65 RGB Elite Gaming Mouse. Corsair has analyzed many reviews regarding its predecessor and now releases a new and improved version of the Corsair M65. The Corsair M65 RGB Elite Gaming Mouse has a new sensor and an anodized aluminum frame. The weight has been reduced and the thumb buttons have been adjusted. Whether we like the new Corsair M65 RGB Elite Gaming mouse, we show in the following review.

Logitech MX Master Review

There are many users who can live without cables. For this group, Logitech has just the right thing in the portfolio, the wireless MX Master mouse. There are so many cordless mice like sand at the beach. Nevertheless, we would like to take a look at this model today and perhaps we will discover some points, which differentiates the Logitech MX Master from other mice.

Cooler Master Devastator II Reader Review

Today, a new reader review has been published on OCinside.de. After the recent Cooler Master Devastator II unboxing video, lion149 has now written the detailed review of the keyboard and mouse combo. The Devastator II Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo was one of the Cooler Master devices, that could be seen on CeBIT 2016. For people who like mechanical keyboards and are looking for a new illuminated one together with a mouse at a low price could find this one … Continue reading Cooler Master Devastator II Reader Review