ASRock Z790I Lightning WiFi Motherboard Review

The tiny ASRock Phantom Gaming ITX motherboard has a lot to offer! Today on we put the ASRock Z790I Lightning WiFi motherboard from the Phantom Gaming series through its paces. Despite its small dimensions, it offers many features and is well suited for compact ITX gaming rigs. Whether the motherboard impresses with more than its small size is shown here in our review.

Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart Projector Review

Ultra-short throw RGB triple laser projector from Philips! Today on we are testing the brand new Philips Screeneo UL5 Smart FHD ultra-short throw projector and also showing a video with English subtitles about it. In the following Philips Screeneo UL5 review, we will see what the advantages and disadvantages of the compact projector are and whether it can convince in practice.

NZXT F360 RGB Core and NZXT RGB Fan Controller Review

Just presented at Computex in Taiwan and already in our review! A powerful triple fan in single-frame design on a high-end RGB/FAN controller from NZXT is the subject of today’s review on The set of USB connected control unit and powerful RGB fans promises high performance in every respect. The following review and short video, where we take a detailed look at the F360 RGB Core fan frame and RGB/FAN controller, will reveal whether this is true in practice.

Icy Dock MB604SPO-B and MB411SPO-1B ToughArmor Review

Full metal removable frames, a specialty of Icy Dock! Today on we take a look at a 5.25-inch Icy Dock ToughArmor MB604SPO-B removable frame, which can be equipped with a SlimLine ODD and up to four 2.5-inch SSDs as a hot-swap. We also test the Icy Dock ToughArmor MB411SPO-1B, which converts a standard SlimLine ODD slot into a 2.5-inch SATA SSD frame. In the following test, we will see whether both Icy Dock products deliver what they promise!

Ugreen DXP480T Plus NAS Review

Fast SSD NAS with 10Gbit/s, USB-C PD and Thunderbolt 4! Today on we take a closer look at the DXP480T NAS, which has just been launched by Ugreen. In our detailed test, we show how well the hardware and software of the device, equipped exclusively with NVMe SSDs, perform and whether you can even install a different operating system.

ASRock B650 Steel Legend WiFi AMD AM5 Motherboard Review

Anyone who has recently upgraded their system will have noticed that the prices for motherboards have risen to astronomical heights in some cases. Many users will therefore have asked themselves the question: high-end or budget? Does it have to be a chipset with an E suffix? Do you really need eight SATA connections? Today on we are testing an inexpensive representative from ASRock. The B650 Steel Legend WiFi with AM5 socket supports current Ryzen CPUs from the 7000 series … Continue reading ASRock B650 Steel Legend WiFi AMD AM5 Motherboard Review

Eizo FlexScan EV3240X Monitor Review

Excellent 4K monitor with USB-C docking station and KVM switch! While a few years ago Full HD monitors were the benchmark in the office sector, nowadays you can’t have enough resolution due to video conferencing and endless Excel spreadsheets. That’s why we’re putting our heads together today and putting the Eizo FlexScan EV3240X through its paces. In addition to a high-quality 4K panel, it also comes with a USB-C docking station. The following review on shows whether the Eizo … Continue reading Eizo FlexScan EV3240X Monitor Review

Philips 27E1N1300AE Monitor Review

With its 27-inch screen diagonal, discreet black frame and IPS panel, the 27E1N1300AE from Philips covers a wide range of applications. An 100 Hz refresh rate, an integrated speaker and connections such as USB-C and HDMI round off the overall package. For the office environment, lower-contrast frame colors are sometimes selected to protect the eyes. Nevertheless, according to the description, Philips is gearing its mid-range TFT model towards everyday working life. In addition, the model with a resolution of 1920 … Continue reading Philips 27E1N1300AE Monitor Review

Atlasio SHD Mini and Dynamic Chair Review

Electrically height-adjustable office desk and height-adjustable seat! Today on we are testing the Atlasio SHD Mini, an electrically height-adjustable desk and Atlasio Dynamic Chair for the home office workplace or SoHo. On our YouTube Channel we have assembled everything and also show a few useful upgrades that we have designed and printed out with the 3D printer.

MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G Review

Graphics card with extreme cooling, performance and price! Unfortunately, the high prices of high-end graphics cards are here to stay. It is therefore not surprising that the top models are now priced like a small used car. However, this is quickly put into perspective when you consider that even top gaming titles can be played smoothly for years with these graphics cards. Let’s take a look at one of these high-end models today on and examine it in detail. … Continue reading MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G Review