Offtopic pages – Have to see them

ACDSee – One of the best picture viewer (trial version) Damn Small Linux (DSL) – Very small Linux distribution for USB stick, etc. DirectX – Microsoft DirectX download site. Funny Movies – Many funny short-movies. Geocaching – Paper chase without paper, but with GPS device – try it and you will love it! Internet Explorer – Get always the newest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer JBO – Just hear it. Knoppix – Linux without installation – runs directly from CD … Continue reading Offtopic pages – Have to see them

Less memory – BIOS or Operating System does not recognize the whole memory

Less memory detected Why doesn’t the BIOS or operating system recognize the total installed RAM ? Introduction … The last memory reviews on already contained a few references and information about the problem with 4GB RAM memory expansion in Microsoft Windows 32 bit operating systems. Because of the constantly decreasing RAM prices more questions about these memory sizes reach our mailbox and forum. So there is now a seperate workshop guide, which describes the difficulties with larger memory size … Continue reading Less memory – BIOS or Operating System does not recognize the whole memory

IR Box Construction Guide

IR Box construction guide Integrate the PC infrared receiver into a plastic box IR Box introduction … The infrared receiver kits had to go without a enclosure so far and it is time to change this. Now there is the new IR box available, where one can insert for example the PCB of the brand-new USB Ultra infrared receiver v2.0, in order to protect the electronic devices and to get a more beautiful construction for the PC or HTPC. Of … Continue reading IR Box Construction Guide

USB Ultra IR-Receiver to PC remote control and power ON – OFF v1.1

USB Ultra Infrared Receiver to remote control and power on/off the PC UPDATE: This Version 1.1 is now replaced by the new USB Ultra IR Version 2.0, to ensure the operation also on newer PCs with more recent motherboards. The extended guide for the infrared receiver with hardware side function to remotely switch the PC on and off as full USB variant is now available and got the name “USB Ultra infrared receiver” or briefly “USB Ultra IR”. Where is … Continue reading USB Ultra IR-Receiver to PC remote control and power ON – OFF v1.1

CeBIT 2009 Coverage

The CeBIT 2009 in Hanover, Germany is like in past years one of the most important fairs for the IT industry. Even if the halls were not completely full this year, it was worth to visit the CeBIT 2009 in any case. On the following 11 pages of the CeBIT 2009 report you will see over 70 pictures with the main focus on current PC hardware components. This CeBIT report contains some new motherboards, enclosures, coolers, PSUs, keyboards, SSDs, … Continue reading CeBIT 2009 Coverage