gamescom 2013 Coverage

The gamescom 2013 took place in Cologne, Germany and is one of the most important gaming fairs in Europe. Of course also the online magazine visited gamescom and shows new games, hardware, consoles and casemods on 6 pages with more than 170 pictures. It is only available in German language, but it is worth watching the pictures with or without a translation tool to discover the latest gaming trends. Continue reading the gamescom 2013 Coverage … Motorcycle Tour 2013

Since we have some motorcycle enthusiasts in our community, it was time for the first motorcycle tour this summer. We decided to make an motorcycle tour 2013 instead, which began in Koblenz, a few hours through hairpin bends on the Mosel and along the Rhine from the 02.08.-04.08.13. Because of course, not everyone rides a motorcycle, we will vote soon in the Forum, when and where the next OC meeting takes place. Here are some pictures of the … Continue reading Motorcycle Tour 2013