OCinside.de OC Event 2011

This year again a great OC event is organized by our overclocker community of OCinside.de. The OCinside.de OC meeting 2011 was held from the 15.07. to 17.07.11 in Herford. With bright sunshine we grilled not only lots of original Thuringian grilled sausage, but also CPUs and accidentally also different. For the contests this time the participants had to estimate the CPU temperature, fan speed and the maximum possible overclocking results with different voltages. The winner could received ASRock motherboards, gaming mice, Cooler Master CPU cooler and HTPC enclosures and of course some OCinside.de fan articles. It was a lot of fun for 3 days. For those who could not attend this year, here are a some pictures of the OC event 2011.

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