AOC Gaming U32G3X Monitor Review

31.5-inch UHD gaming monitor with no frills! Today we are testing the Adaptive Sync and G-Sync compatible AOC U32G3X/BK UHD gaming monitor on and also show a video about it. On the following pages we take a closer look at the AOC U32G3X with IPS panel.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the manufacturer AOC.

The AOC Gaming U32G3X/BK 31.5″ / 80 cm Monitor currently has a price of approx. 550 Euro (06/2024).

Here you can order the AOC U32G3X Monitor. *Ad

The delivery of the AOC Agon U32G3X Gaming Monitor …

Our parcel was delivered using corner protectors and was therefore relatively well protected.

AOC delivers the U32G3X in a high-gloss box, which already reveals some important features of the monitor.

After opening the box, you immediately see illustrated connection and assembly instructions.

Underneath is the classic polystyrene insert, which can be easily pulled out of the box.

The scope of delivery includes a power cable and an HDMI connection cable, as well as the stand in two separate parts. A quick start guide and safety instructions are of course also included.

To get a brief overview first, you can watch a short AOC Gaming U32G3X monitor video on our OCinside YouTube channel.
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Next, let’s take a look at the technical data.

AOC Gaming U32G3X Monitor technical specifications …