Arctic P8 Max Review

Layout, design and features …

The Arctic P8 Max comes in an inconspicuous black color. The Arctic logo adorns the center of the fan. Due to its use in 2U enclosures, there is no RGB lighting. Instead, the P8 Max scores with its durability and high air flow. It can generate a high air pressure on the steeply inclined rotor blades, which also makes it ideal for use on radiators.

The built-in ball bearing from the Japanese manufacturer NMB also works with extremely low vibration. Compared to higher-quality plain ball bearings, this is somewhat louder in the upper speed range, but it is significantly more durable.

Overall, the Arctic P8 Max has a very high-quality appearance. The struts for the rigidity of the fan are angled. They are also pyramid-shaped, which means they obstruct the airflow less than rectangular straight struts.

The connection cable is long enough at the specified 40 cm. The connection is designed as a 4-pin PWN.

Since a picture, in this case a video, is worth a thousand words, you can see the smooth running for yourself. From zero to one hundred percent in 3 seconds.

Unfortunately, the P8 Max fans do not have a Y-distributor, or PST (PWM Sharing Technology), as Arctic calls it, like its big brother. When using several P8 Max fans, the necessary adapter cables must be purchased separately if the PC case does not have an integrated fan hub. At this price, however, this is easy to get over.

Arctic P8 Max Installation …