Kuthtec Honeycomb KTM2002 Review with online sound

In this review we have tested the Kuthtec Honeycomb KTM2002 Cooler and measured the temperature results with our test setup. Additionally you can listen to an embedded MP3 fan sound sample of the fan on the respective heatsink.

Honeycomb KTM2000 (also with other fan available)
Size over all L/B/H ++ 67/63/75 mm The heatsink is a little bit bigger than the socket – see Fit for Fan
Cooling output ++++ 38,4 CFM at ~7000 rpm/min
Noise level — 46,7 dB (A) Don’t start the engine of this turbine when your wife is in the PC room 🙂 Listen to the sound soon.

+ The assembly isn’t too hard despite high contact pressure, but the clip doesn’t have lateral locking for the screwdriver admission which could cause that someone slips with the screwdriver and possibly destroy the mainboard.

Cooling results ++++ Awesome cooling result ! 36°C with 1,75 Volt and 39°C with 1,90 Volt Core voltage is for a partial copper heatsink a more than good result.

General impression

+++ KUTHTEC is at this time not very public to most home users, but this patented construction of the Honeycomb cooler shows clearly that one can go also unusual ways to reach the goal. Whereby the goal for homeusers is clearly defined, good cooling performance with the lowest noise level as possible. KUHTEC from Taiwan have punched out lot’s of holes into 20 aluminium plates, locked these with four pins and pressed in the center of the heatsink a copper core with 25 mm diameter, where the unusual fixing clip was attached. Very interesting construction and when you look at the results even with the slowest available 60 x 10 mm fan, it becomes clear that the air flow which is led directly by the holes to the CPU shows it effects. Whereby the KTM 2002 combination with the Delta fan could nearly reach the top of all tested CPU coolers so far. It would make me happy, if the company KUTHTEC would improve the clip a little bit, since it could quite happen to untrained home constructor to slip with a screwdriver until no lateral locking is present at this bracket. But otherwise it is a very recommendable heatsink, which will be available hopefully soon in Germany.

The heatsink is unfortunately unsuitable for Peltier elements ! Many thanks to KUTHTEC (Kuang Thousand Technology) for the testsample.

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