Spire 5T208B1H3T SuperRock Review with online sound

In this review we have tested the Spire 5T208B1H3T SuperRock Cooler and measured the temperature results with our test setup. Additionally you can listen to an embedded MP3 fan sound sample of the fan on the respective heatsink.

Name Spire 5T208B1H3T SuperRock
Size over all L/B/H + 74/78/62 mm The heatsink is bigger than the Socket – see Fit for Fan guide !
Cooling output +++ 26.3 CFM (~4200 rpm)
Noise level ++ 31.8 dB (A) The fan isn’t loud. Listen to the sound:
Mounting ++ Even though the metal clip is a little bit inside the heatsink core, it’s easy to mount and unmount this heatsink.
Cooling results +++ Good cooling result with 41°C at 1.75 V and 44°C with 1.90 Volt.

General impression

++ The “SuperRock” Cooler from Spire is a fully aluminium based heatsink with a silent 70 mm fan. The well ground bottom surface is a main reason for the good result with my highly overclocked Duron 700 at 1066 MHz and 1.90 Volt. A little bit better cooling throughput of the fan could provide better results, however it would be louder. But this cooler shows us that aluminium heatsink should remain on the market, because they’re very cheap and give us enough cooling for most CPUs. You should remove the thermal pad with nail-polish remover and replace it with a high quality thermal compound like Arctic Aluminia oder Arctic Silver II/III.

This fan is also fit for using with a Peltier Element ! Many thanks to Spire
for this test sample.

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