Thermaltake Super Orb Review with online sound

In this review we have tested the Thermaltake Super Orb Cooler and measured the temperature results with our test setup. Additionally you can listen to an embedded MP3 fan sound sample of the fan on the respective heatsink.

Name Super Orb
Size over all L/B/H ++ 70/80/80 mm (without bracket 70/70/80) The heatsink is a little bit larger than the socket so please measure the space near the socket.
Cooling output ++ 25 CFM at ~5500 rpm (the upper fan have 17 CFM at ~5000 rpm)
Noise level + 32/34 dB (A) Like a hair drier on the first level but the sound is OK. Listen to the sound:
Mounting ++++ Because of the big clip it’s easy to mount this fan several times without any problems.
Cooling results +++ Nice cooling result of this big tower – 43°C at 1,75 Volt and 46°C at 1,90 V core voltage.
General impression +++ This beautiful double-decker held what Thermaltake promised. Accelerated by the upper fan the lower fan reached up to 6500 rpm and with this rotation speed it’s easy to cool an overclocked Thunderbird or Duron. The bracket is exemplary build whereby one side of the bracket just use one of the three possible plastic noses. The noise is OK and doesn’t disturb too much. You can order this fan cheap at Frozen-Silicon. * There’s also an adapter cable included to connect both fan cables to one power connector. Because of the fixed metal clip it’s impossible to use it with a Peltier Element.Pictures …

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