Swiftech MCX462 Review with online sound

In this review we have tested the Swiftech MCX462 Cooler and measured the temperature results with our test setup. Additionally you can listen to an embedded MP3 fan sound sample of the fan on the respective heatsink.

Name Swiftech
MCX 462 with rheostat
Size over all L/B/H o 80/80/83 mm The cooler is much bigger than the socket – see fit for fan guide !
Cooling output +++++ 68.5 CFM (4900 rpm) and 54.5 CFM at lowest rotation speed of about 3900 rpm
Noise level — 48.5 dB (A) and 39 dB at lowest rpm What should I say about 48.5 dB ? Better nothing, because I can’t hear my own words 🙂 But the fan noise isn’t so loud at the lowest rotation speed. Listen to the sound – lowest speed: highest speed:
Mounting —- OK, you don’t need any functional noses on your socket and this mounting mechanism holds the whole life, but you have to take out your mainboard to mount this cooler or you have to drill four holes into the rear panel of your case like I’ve done. So this heavy cooler is very securely attached, but it also takes longer to mount.
Cooling results +++++ Wow ! This is the first time a cooler gets five times plus – a really fabulous result ! 33°C at 1.75 Vcore and 36° C at 1.90 Vcore with 1066 MHz !!! Also the lowest is very good – 39°C at 1.90 Volt !

General impression

++++ The 730 grams heavy MCX 462 copper cooler from Swiftech sets a total new standard in the air cooler market and reaches the top of all cooler results ! This heatsink have also broken two records – the highest Airflow with 68.5 CFM and the lowest CPU temperature with 36° celsius. The final result would be unreachable for others if Swiftech also gave this cooler a little bit easier mounting device. The new construction and the well polished surface of the bottom is not compareable with the “older” MC462-A.

I think there are enough reasons to give this cooler the Overclocking Dream award of ocinside.de where Gabe didn’t promise me to much about this MCX-462 😉 The cooler is universally compatible with ALL SOCKET A motherboards that have the four mounting holes (including dual processors) and the cooler is universally compatible with all Pentium 4 processors with the brackets they provide separately – socket 423, socket 478, and socket 603 Xeon processors (including dual). An English mounting guide and a seperate fan control plug is also included. Also optional available is the rheostat tested to lower the fan speed.

This fan is also fit for using with a Peltier Element ! Many thanks to Swiftech
for this test sample.

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