Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Review

Result and general impression …

Fosi Audio offers a more than adequately rated speaker amplifier with the BT30D Pro. For the usual PC applications, the potential may not be fully exploited by small and medium-sized 2.1 speaker systems. In a way, this point can be viewed positively, as the Fosi Audio BT30D Pro amplifier (2x TPA3255 chips) thus never reaches its limits as far as the average gaming setup is concerned. Probably even the cheaper BT30D without “Pro” (TPA3116D2 chip) is sufficient for most gamers, because even with this the speakers alone do not necessarily turn out too quiet. However, in view of the minimal price difference, the decision for one or the other model does not play a big role. At the time of testing, the price of the BT30D Pro on Amazon is even 20 Euro lower than the BT30D due to an offer.

In terms of pricing, the Texas Instruments IC from mass production certainly offers an advantage. In general, a class D amplifier allows saving on the dimensioning of the heat sinks, so the associated devices are in the absolutely affordable price range. In return, we invested in a very high-quality case, which is visually appealing. The amplifier remains discreetly in the background. However, the controls installed on it could be a bit less cumbersome to operate.

In all theoretical considerations, the amplifier built with class D at its core did not stand out negatively at all due to noise. It did not affect the frequency spectrum of the speakers used and (presumably) only provided a bit more dynamics during exciting movie scenes with high-contrast volume changes.

In terms of features, RCA is absolutely standard and the addition of Bluetooth is a sensible as well as easy-to-use addition. If no gaming laptop is available, only the PC’s motherboard would have to have Bluetooth or a Bluetooth module would have to be retrofitted cheaply. Since the PC and the speakers are on the same desk, we don’t need to think about the range of Bluetooth in the PC area. What we didn’t like, however, is the missing Bluetooth authentication. Fosi Audio should definitely improve this, since the amplifier could be unintentionally controlled by every neighbor, especially since the Bluetooth 5 range is very high.

Fosi Audio should also make sure to add a German user manual to all deliveries, because in our opinion, the product safety law applies at the latest when the power supply with 230 volt input is put into operation. A leaflet without safety instructions – especially in English – is not sufficient in our opinion. Of course, this does not make the product itself any better or worse than it presented itself to us through this test.

In the end, we recommend the Fosi Audio BT30D Pro, which might not always be needed in contrast to the BT30D without Pro, but also costs only marginally more. Qualitatively, we liked the Fosi Audio BT30D Pro very much, except for the relatively rudimentary Bluetooth connection without authentication and without aptX or AAC.

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