Seasonic Prime TX-1300 ATX 3.0 Power Supply Review

Result and general impression …

We have been using the predecessor of this model in a system for 5 years. The TX-1000 has done its job just as well as we can expect from this model. Thanks to the 12-year warranty, we can sit back and relax and share our opinion of the Seasonic Prime TX-1300 ATX3.0 here.

The scope of delivery is complete and the 90° adapter is simply so convenient to fit. The cables are all very well made and the quality of the components and their assembly is beyond reproach.

The only thing that takes a little getting used to is the special power connection that the PSU is equipped with. The usual IEC plug would have been perfectly suitable for this performance class. But it wouldn’t do any harm if Seasonic had dimensioned it a little higher. In this respect, the increased safety is more of an advantage for consumers, even if they can no longer use their old IEC cables. However, as a cable is supplied and, in the event of a defect, the cable can be obtained from independent retailers, this point is put into perspective.

Thanks to the new ATX3.0 standard, the enormous power reserves and the variety of connections, this PSU would also perform well in our system for the next 5 years.

Overall, the Seasonic Prime TX-1300 ATX 3.0 PSU delivers exemplary stable voltages and thus achieves our Overclocking Dream Award 03/2024!

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