Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB Review

Cooler update from Arctic! The cooler specialists Arctic have today updated the popular Freezer 35 single-tower cooler and optimized it for the latest processors from Intel and AMD. There should be something for every preference among the five different versions of the new Freezer 36 and Arctic has included a very special accessory for Intel processors. The following review here on reveals what it is and how the Freezer 36 performs in terms of cooling performance, ease of installation, volume, etc., as well as the 360 degree view and the short video with sound sample!

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Daniel and the manufacturer Arctic.

The Arctic Freezer 36 is available in black, white or natural colors and addressable RGB LED lighting is also available on request. The multi-compatibility for Intel and AMD systems has returned, meaning that separate models of the Freezer 36 are no longer sold for Intel and AMD.

Prices range from approx. 35-50 Euro depending on the base color and lighting variant. The Freezer 36 A-RGB in black that we tested currently costs approx. 50 Euro (03/2024).

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The delivery of the Freezer 36 A-RGB …

The black packaging with the colorful A-RGB lettering unmistakably reveals what is included in the package. It also mentions the multi-compatibility with Intel and AMD systems, the 6-year warranty, the optional 0dB mode and the included MX-6 thermal compound. We could almost end the test with that, because everything important has already been said. But no, of course it’s not that simple 😉

One of the side panels lists the package contents and the support link if you have any questions for the manufacturer.

Further product information is available via the link on the other side of the packaging.

The technical data of the cooler is listed in detail on the back and a link to the online installation instructions is also printed.

The product number, the manufacturer’s address and recycling information can be found on the underside of the packaging.

To protect the environment, Arctic uses almost no plastic inside the packaging and secures the components of the cooler with cardboard dividers. Further information on CO2 neutrality and environmental protection can be found on the Arctic website.

This is included in the delivery package …

We get the black Freezer 36 A-RGB out of the protective cover without much fiddling.

A closer look at one of the two fans reveals a special feature that we will discuss later.

The mounting material is less extensive than one would expect for a multi-compatible CPU cooler, but this is largely due to the contact frame for Intel Socket LGA1700 processors.

The following components are included in the scope of delivery …
– the Freezer 36 cooler in black
– 2 120mm A-RGB fans
– 0.8g MX-6 thermal compound in a syringe
– one LGA 1700 contact frame
– various screws and brackets
– one screwdriver
– one sticker

A printed user manual is not included, because as part of the Arctic Green environmental protection campaign, Arctic now only makes its user manuals available online.

Here is a short video in our OCinside YouTube channel, where you can see the ARGB effects very nicely and where you can even listen to an Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB sound sample.
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Arctic Freezer 36 A-RGB technical specifications …