Ugreen DXP480T Plus NAS Review

Fast SSD NAS with 10Gbit/s, USB-C PD and Thunderbolt 4! Today on we take a closer look at the DXP480T NAS, which has just been launched by Ugreen. In our detailed test, we show how well the hardware and software of the device, equipped exclusively with NVMe SSDs, perform and whether you can even install a different operating system.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to mkeller0815 and the manufacturer Ugreen.

In the test, we use the Ugreen DXP480T Plus with two 980 Pro 1TB NVMe Gen 4 SSDs from Samsung and then another four P3 NVMe Gen 3 SSDs from Crucial.

The Ugreen DXP480T Plus is currently (as of May 2024) not yet available in stores. The device was offered on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for an introductory price of 519 US dollars. Unfortunately, current prices for the German market are not yet available.

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Introduction – Ugreen breaks new ground …

Ugreen, a company better known for its USB adapters, cables, external hard disk enclosures, chargers and portable batteries, is venturing into previously unknown territory with its new NAS (Network Attached Storage) series. And not just with a single device. As you can see on, there is a whole range of devices in different sizes. The DXP 480T, which we chose for our test, is particularly striking, as it only uses the super-fast NVMe SSDs as storage media.

Note on the beta version of the software: The OS and the various apps that run on the NAS are currently still in a beta version. This means that some functions are not yet ready or do not yet work completely. Some special features are also not yet available, which we are therefore unable to test. However, we will point this out again in the appropriate places.

The hardware we use for testing is also still a pre-production model. Even if there are no further changes to the specifications, there may still be deviations from the series devices.

The delivery of the Ugreen NASync DXP480T Plus …

The Ugreen DXP 480T Plus comes in a sturdy outer packaging, …

… which contains the actual box with the device.

This contains The technical data, information on the manufacturer as well as the product description, serial number and even the MAC address of the Ethernet port.

When you open the box, the first thing you notice is the NAS itself. A dark, matt gray metal housing that is surprisingly small for a NAS. This is of course due to the fact that no conventional hard disks are installed here, but only the much smaller NVMe SSDs.

This is included in the delivery package …

Under the device itself you will also find the external power supply unit, a CAT7 network cable, some paper with a quick guide and warranty conditions, as well as a screwdriver and 4 thermal pads for the SSDs to be installed.

We also ordered two Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVMe Gen 4 SSDs for the first RAID-1 tests. We also use four Crucial P3 NVMe Gen 3 SSDs for a RAID-5 test with full configuration.

Now let’s move on to the technical details.

Ugreen DXP480T Plus technical specifications …