1st April 2001 fool – Intel multiplier unlock

It is finished, now AMD is perhaps again go down the drain and Intel could quickly
the hearts of overclockers conquer !!!

A resourceful Finn has the seemingly impossible found out what thousands already overclockers
turn are desperate!

The solution of the problem but so close and for each Intel FCPGA user to easily perform
and Other designs are already working feverishly.

First a brief explanation of how Intel changed the Multi:
The multiplier of Intel Pentium III Intel is similar as in the AMD CPU SocketA on top
the CPU determines.
As everybody should already be known to the pins of the processor are performed up to the top of the CPU,
But what few inaugurated knew is that with the aid of an ordinary Wachsmalstiftes
under strong pressure, the desired compound of the pins is performed.
The nasty green layer on the CPU is doing Intel (similar to a two-component adhesive) as a developer
and the crayon is even much more conductive than pencils or conductive silver under great pressure.
Intel had flown in for this patent in 1998 several hundred Japanese waxpainter,
the modification of the Multi’s not so easy to get recognized.
If you can, however, look at the CPU very well in daylight but you multi
seen to the naked eye, as the waxpainter had forgotten the developer layer outside
to look at the laboratory.

Now, however, someone finally had looked at the FCPGA CPU under sunlight,
so that we were able to get this knowledge to our own.

Now for the actual modification:
To increase the multiplier that is needed is a crayon,
which you should warm up for about half an hour in the oven at 95 ° C, not the high pressure
the need to exercise, as the Japanese waxpainter normally works in the laboratory.

You can easily apply the desired multiplier on the CPU, as is already following in the
Images is done:




If you have slipped, could one using a micro fiber cloth to wipe everything again !!!

The exact connection points and more examples can be viewed here:

Then there nachmalen much luck with them!

This is an online translation of the German article !