Which cooler is fit for the motherboard ?

Interactive Fit for Fan guide

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Click (and hold) heatsink and move it over the Socket.


Which heatsink fits on the motherboard and how sounds the fan of the cooler ?
These questions will be answered by the new interactive fit for fan guide with fan sound audio samples.
The interactive fit for fan guide has been updated and enhanced with new motherboards, heatsinks and some new functions.
The cooler position will be adjusted automatically with the fit button and now you can listen to the fan sound of each cooler after the selection.

Who never heard about the fit for fan guide may need more explanation.
In the year 2001 ocinside.de already followed the question, which CPU cooler can be used for which motherboard.
With this interactive fit for fan guide one can find out exactly this with a few clicks, by moving the desired CPU heatsink fan combination virtually on the selected motherboard.
The interactive fit for fan guide is a new development, which contains some Intel LGA 1150, LGA 1155, AMD Socket FM2, AMD Socket AM3/AM3+, Socket AM2/AM2+, Socket 939, Socket 754, also older Socket A motherboards and some HSFs for each Socket.
Additionally one can visit a review and check the current price of each cooler or motherboard directly after the selection.
More motherboards and CPU coolers will be added by and by.
Enjoy the new interactive fit for fan guide.



Just select the desired socket, motherboard and cooler.
Then click and hold the heatsink with the left mouse button and move the heatsink manually over the socket to the right position, or click on the new "Fit !" button to move it automatically.
Now you should be able to see if the selected cooler / heatsink fan combination will fit on the desired motherboard.
Additionally after the cooler selection one can see a button to play the cooler sound, a link to read the review and a link to get a price of each motherboard or heatsink.


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