CM Storm Stryker Review


Today, presents a test of the CM Storm Stryker Big Tower from Cooler Master. Who associates the word Stryker with a 8×8 multifunction armored vehicle from the U.S. Army is not so wrong. But until we get one of those to make a test, we present you a much more interesting product from Cooler Master – the CM Storm Stryker Big Tower – which received our Overclocking Dream Award 01/2014.

Together with his brother CMStorm Trooper Cooler Master wants to appeal to gamers who like to take their computer to a LAN party, or obstruct quality hardware in their systems and looking for a suitable housing. In this test, we will prove whether the Stryker is rightfully called and if this case is worthy the slogan “The toughest Weapon for Victory”.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the review to Marauder25 and for the support with the CM Storm Stryker to Cooler Master.


Das CM Storm Stryker SGC-5000W-KWN1-GP has a current price of approx. 149 Euro (01/2014).

Here you can order the CM Storm Stryker case.

The supply of the CM Storm Stryker chassis …

Cooler Master delivers their Cases within the original Box, which is good enough to protect the case from damage. Looking at the Box, the User might take a guess how big this case must be.

That is contained in the delivery of the CM Storm Stryker PC Case …

Inside the box is the case, a booklet which shows all the functions and details about assembling. Included inside the case there is further equipment in a small box. There are eight flexible mounting rails for 3.5-inch hard drives.

Taking a closer look, the user discovers a small black box in the front bottom of the case behind a detachable plate. The Box contains …

… it is also described in the booklet …

… and there are following components:

There are two additional mounting rails for mounting 3.5 inch hard drives in a 5.25 inch slot, various screws including motherboard screws which is not typical today. Additionally you will find and extention for a power adapter cable, a little speaker that can be plugged into the motherboard, as well as a fan Y-adapter and some cable ties. As far as the spacers for the motherboard to Cooler Master has really given some thought. There is also a little wrench socket for use with a Phillips screwdriver. On the other side there is a recess which can accommodate the mainboard spacers. Thus, it can easily screw this into the case.

The scope of delivery also includes the four already mounted fans: 1 x 140 mm rear, 2 x 120 mm front and 1 x 200 mm above. Also already installed there are 3 dust filters, 2 underneath the case and 1 on top. In the face of ever decreasing additions to the scope of delivery the Stryker is really good. All materials are essential in order to immediately begin the installation.

The technical data of the CM Storm Stryker Case …

Cooler Master CM Storm Stryker Evaluation