NZXT AIO Custom Loop Mod Tutorial

Integrate the AIO into the custom loop

The Kraken AIO is now ready to be integrated into the custom loop. This is basically the same as with “usual” custom loops, but the pump and CPU cooler are one unit, which can be a nice space saving.

For this custom loop, we have selected the following components besides the Kraken AIO cooler/pump unit:
– Fullcover cooler incl. backplate for the graphics card, the Aqua computer kryographics for GTX Titan X(M)
– 140mm as well as a 280mm radiator
– Alphacool Repack Single Bayres 5.25″ Clear expansion tank for the 5 1/4 inch slot

The clear PVC tube is fitted completely with anti-kink springs like a sleeve. On the one hand, since the reservoir has to be pulled out a little for filling and on the other hand due to the optics. Because it was not clear if the NZXT AIO cooler/pump unit can provide enough pumping power for this custom loop, a flowmeter was connected to the end of the loop to see at least rudimentarily if the water is flowing.

Details and notes

The Kraken AIO cooler/pump unit fits wonderfully into the custom loop. Please note the direction of flow: Below -> in ; Top -> out. Please pay attention!

The tube is secured with cable ties as we did with the Arctic Accelero before.

As in part 1 we’ve used an extra power supply for filling, but an ATX bridging plug works also, or have a look at the Power supply connector pinout, to start the PC power supply without connected motherboard and other components. Again we filled the loop with the pre mixed Alphacool CKC liquid cooling system coolant.

After removing the air out of the water cooling loop, we looked at the flow meter, as it shows us whether the pump is suitable at all or not. However, the liquid fluid is circulating well – not very fast but adequate, as you can see in our OCinside YouTube channel video.
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NZXT Kraken AIO custom loop results …