Cooler Master Silencio 650 Review

Structure, Design and other features – the case exterior …

The Cooler Master Silencio 650 chassis is black coated except of two nice chrome trims and most is very well finished.

The front has fortunately not the plastic front door, but is provided with a high quality aluminium door with a foam noise absorbing mat.

Here you see another picture of the closed front of the CM Silencio650 case.

Thanks to the absorbing mats, the noise level of drives can be significantly reduced. You can listen to the sound differences with and without absorbing mats here on the third page. The door stop can be changed easily.

Both side panels are installed with two knurled thumbscrews to mount and remove both panels very easily. Unscrew the two thumbscrews and push the respective side panel to the rear.

As you can see, the panel comes without any fan cutout, because the noise absorbing mats are behind the side panel.

Here is a picture of both side panels, which are provided with foam material mats.

The power supply unit inside of this Cooler Master Silencio 650 is installed below the motherboard and is already equipped with a silent 120mm fan within the upper range, which blows the warmed up air out of the chassis.

Below the power supply is a dust filter integrated, which can pulled out backwards for easy cleaning.

The front panel connections are integrated at the top of the case front. From left to the right one can see the USB 3.0 port, which is attached to an external USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port for internal connection, two 3.5mm jacks for the headset, one USB 2.0 port for internal connection and another USB 3.0 port for internal connection. In the next row is a sliding switch to regulate the fan speed in two steps, a SD-card reader, which is attached internally to an USB 2.0 port and another special slider to switch internally between two hard disk drives. In addition we have the power button, the reset button and both LEDs. Compared with the previous Silencio 550 thus changed a lot and mainly the hard disk switch is very helpful if you want to boot with different stored data, a backup system or two operating systems.

Behind the front panel one can see another special cut-out below the two 5.25″ drive bays.

The cut-out is a special mounting frame for 3.5″ SATA disk drives and with the delivered 2.5″ adapter frame, it’s possible to insert even a SSD. Insert the 3.5″ disk drive without any frame into the cut-out pass through the end. If the SATA controller in the BIOS is set to AHCI mode and support Hot Swap, the disk drive is recognized also during the operation.

Under the removable disk cut-out is the next special feature of the Silencio650 chassis. The quick removable air filter is in front of the two integrated 120mm fans and can be removed with a handle for cleaning.

The Cooler Master Silencio 650 case has thus a lot of great features, which should be integrated in every PC case.

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