Crucial 2GB Kit DDR2-533/PC2-4200 ECC CT2KIT12872AA53E Memory Review

The memory modules comes without heatpreaders (passive heatsinks), so it’s necessary to watch the temperature with higher voltages and/or higher overclocking. Alternatively it’s possible to spend them passive or active memory coolers, which are available in different types at our sponsors like e.g.
Crucial by the way grants lifelong warranty (Limited Lifetime Warranty) for the buyer (all informations to manufacturer conditions are of course without guarantee by Beside, the memory modules have an ECC (Error Correction Code) chip to check the data traffic for possible errors and correct them, if necessary. ECC memory modules (72-bit) compared to NON ECC (or also Non parity 64-bit) modules are unfortunately a little bit more expensive (because of the additional chip) and lose a little bit performance. So they are primarily used in servers for security reasons. Nevertheless this memory can be used also in usual PCs, but the ECC memory should not be mixed with NON ECC modules, because this would deactivate the error correction.

Here is a picture of the two Crucial modules with the additional ECC chip in the center of each module …