Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1600/PC3-12800 4GB Kit BL2KIT25664BN1608 Memory Review

The Crucial Ballistix PC3-12800 4GB RAM kit 1x BL2KIT25664BN1608 or 2x BL25664BN1608 is also at the standard DDR3 voltage well overlockable and shows all of its DDR3-1600 talents at maximum manufacturer settings.

At 1.65V this 4GB DDR3-1600 CL8 kit reached the fastest values of all PC3-12800 and PC3-10600 modules tested so far and thanks to the additionally integrated XMP-1600 profile, a XMP capable motherboard can adjust these Crucial modules very simple to correct timings. Who like to spend the extra money for PC3-12800 instead of PC3-10600 RAM and already have or build a PC3-12800 capable system, shouldn’t hesitate to buy these modules.

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