Eizo FlexScan EV3240X Monitor Review

Power consumption …

The built-in USB-C docking station naturally also makes the power consumption exciting. That’s why we measured it accordingly and tried to simulate as many everyday values as possible. You can see our results in the table below:

Overview of electricity consumption …

Manufacturer Consumption
Switched off 0 Watt
Standby under 1 watt
Switched on / no signal 32 watts
Signal via DisplayPort 32 watts (100% brightness)
Signal via DisplayPort 18 watts (90% brightness)
Signal via DisplayPort 16 watts (80% brightness)
Signal via DisplayPort 12 watts (50% brightness)
Notebook via USB-C (battery charging) 85 watts
Notebook via USB-C (battery full) 57 watts
Notebook via USB-C (off, charging only) 46 watts

As you can easily see from the table, the power consumption is perfectly within the green range. In our test, a brightness of 80 % was also sufficient. There was no discernible reduction in picture quality and power consumption was reduced by a full 50 %.

Now we come to the conclusion of the Eizo EV3240X review.

Eizo FlexScan EV3240X Monitor Result and general impression …