Enermax Liqtech 240 Review

Let us take a closer look at the Liqtech 240 from Enermax. When unpacking you`ve already noticed that the radiator is extremely flat.

In fact, he has a height of only 27 mm, where many other radiators have to double thickness. On the outer sides of the radiator are already applied the rubber strips which are used to safely accommodate the fan and prevent damage. Unfortunately, it is not possible to mount two more fans on the upper side with the supplied amount of srews. But at least it is up to you whether you mount the fans on top or below the radiator. Another special feature are the included fans themselves.

So Enermax advertises its ED122512S-PA fan with removable rotor, which makes it extremely easy to clean the fan blades. It is not mentioned in the manual how the disassembly is to accomplish. But those who know a bit about the structure of a fan, knows that is under the rotor Stickers access to the axis. Unlike other models, the hold by a small spring ring the axis fixed to the stator, is the Enermax fan, a small magnet which, when removed, allows access to the axis.

Edit: Regarding to the Message from Enermax, the right way to disassemble the fan is, just to just push out the rotor blade unit.

Use a stable sharp object to push the axis forward remove the rotor. Also interesting is the small DIP switch located at the side of the rotor. With it, you can adjust the speed range of the fan. The areas go in three stages from 600 to 1300 RPM, about 600-2000 RPM, up to 600 to 2500 RPM.

At the base with the integrated pump two retaining clips are already mounted. On the top there are small fins along with Enermax inscription and logo.

Mounted thereon is the rubberized hose, which, however, with 300 mm something is rather short. Nevertheless, this should due to the current installation positions of motherboards not be problematic and can even be installed easily in large enclosures.

Unfortunately, the Enermax Liqtech 240 has no way to easily refill the coolant. Again, it would be necessary to send in the cooling maintenance the manufacturer or vendor.

Commendable to mention is the processing of the cooler copper base plate which is compared to other coolers almost perfectly smooth and shiny.

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