Flipper Zero Review

Installation …

When you start your Flipper Zero for the first time, it is necessary to format the inserted SD card. This can be done in the menu “Settings”, “Storage” with the item “Format SD Card”.

We then want to install an alternative firmware that utilizes the full potential of the Flipper Zero and already includes many scripts.

To do this, we can use the qFlipper software to flash a previously loaded image to the Flipper via the “Install from File” option. Of course, you would also be able to flash the standard software in the current release.

Here you also have access to the data that is stored on the SD card from time to time during operation of the Flipper Zero.

In our case, we use the Unleashed firmware from DarkFlippers. However, if you want to add a huge library of IR codes, for example, simply copy the IR DB from LucasIhm into the Infrared folder on the SD card and you have control over countless devices that can be controlled via infrared remote control. And if your home TV is missing from the list, no problem. The Flipper is able to send out any IR code by brute force. May many an annoying series remain silent forever 😉

Now let’s move on to a few practical applications.

Flipper Zero Practical testing …