Flipper Zero Review

Practical testing …

Disclaimer: Marauder25 is a trained pentester and radio amateur, so he is well aware of the legal limits that apply when using this device. The unauthorized use of radio frequencies as well as the modification and/or interference with other people’s IT is punishable by law and can lead to very high fines and even imprisonment. This device should therefore only be used with technology that is in your own possession!

Let’s start with something easy and connect a GPS receiver to the Flipper Zero. For example, an uBlox module such as the Neo-7M shown here can be used.

Easily connected via GPIO, the corresponding application on the Flipper quickly displays all the important information received from the satellites.

As already mentioned, even the TV at home is no longer safe from our little sea dweller. Here we can see how the 108 standard codes are sent out. We can then either switch the TV on and off, change channels, change the volume or switch off the sound completely.

We also have the option of learning our own IR codes in case the brute force attack fails. And we have the option of connecting a so-called IR blaster via GPIO to reach devices in larger living rooms 😉

It is possible to read many cards with an RFID chip, provided they are known to the database.

This was just a small selection of the possibilities that open up to users when they descend into the world of Flipper Zero.

Now we come to our conclusion about this cute, technological gem.

Flipper Zero Result and general impression …