Fractal Design Define S Case Review

Layout, Design and Features – exterior …

Let us start first with the front of the Define S. There is indeed not much to see here. At the front a massive, matt black plastic plate is mounted that has no handle or lever to open.

So how to get closer to the optical drive … maybe from the left side?

From here we can well recognize the lateral fins, that are favoring the airflow in the case. But here, unfortunately, there is no hidden opening mechanism.

Maybe the other side has such a mechanism ?

Consequently the fins are also located on this side, but there is still no opening mechanism.

Attentive readers will have already seen it in the technical details, the Define S does not provide installation of an optical drive. But before you may now complain about that, Marauder25 would briefly describe his experience. For almost a year, he has used the BluRay drive about only five times. Because in the time of gaming platforms and video on demand services you hardly need optical media. Even hardware manufacturers recommend that you dispose your driver CDs and prefer to download the latest driver from their website. And if needed there is also the possibility to use an external BluRay or DVD drive. Respecting this, there is, at this point, no deduction in the grade, since the user can decide by himself, if he / she requires a case with or without 5 1/4 inch slots – for installing a BD drive, or a 5 1/4 fan control.

Let us get back to the Define S and take a look at the front top where the operating unit is located.

All important functions are summarized: The power button, reset button, which is not so flat that i only can be pulled with a needle, the audio jacks for headphones and microphone, and two USB ports. Fractal Design has indeed not used the the quasi-standard blue color of the USB 3.0 sockets, but used 3.0 inscription under the ports.

As already indicated in the previous image, we would like to show you what is going on with the top cover.

Similar to the appearance of armor plating in modern combat suits, the new system of Fractal Desings ModuVent come along.

In order to flexibly install any radiator in the top cover and to provide it with reliable fresh air, Fractal Design has developed this new ModuVent system.

There is the possibility to remove all plates starting in the back without tools, in order to let you mount the fans below. If you leave the plates installed, they also have an integrated sound insulation mat to keep the noise inside the case.

The success of using a soundproofing enclosure kit, we have already tested a few years ago impressively here in the acoustic insulation mats test with some audio samples.

Speaking of soundproofing – the side panels deserve some attention.

Because both the right side part …

… as well as the left side panel are equipped with sound insulating mats. In addition, it is possible to remove the cover of the ModuVent plates and to mount a 120 mm or even a 140 mm fan.

Fractal Design Define S Layout, Design and Features Interior …