gamescom 2015 Coverage

15 pages gamescom 2015 coverage ! From 05th to 09th August 2015, one of the most important European gaming fairs took place in Cologne, Germany. Since the first day, we have reported about the gamescom 2015 news in our Forum and at Today, the full report of the gamescom 2015 is released with more than 350 pictures of current gamescom hardware like many VR headsets, Intel Skylake CPUs, DDR4 RAM, SSDs, Gaming Displays, Mice, Keyboards, Racing Wheels and more gaming hardware, DCMM Casemods, and of course a lot of new Games are published in this gamescom 2015 coverage on It is available in German only, but it is worth watching the pictures with or without a translation tool to discover the latest gaming and gaming hardware trends. All in all 7 pages latest hardware with Virtual Reality Goggles, an Intel Skylake presentation, a Gigabyte Skylake presentation and additionally a lot of new Games, Casemods, Impressions and more on 15 pages – you should not miss that !

gamescom 2015 Cologne Coverage – New gamescom Hardware 2015, gamescom Games 2015, Casemods and more

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This picture shows the current plan of the gamescom trade fair halls in Cologne.

Let’s go to the gamescom 2015:

The following gamescom focus is shown on 15 pages with more than 350 pictures:
Gamescom Impressions – Impressions of the gamescom 2015
Hardware Part I – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 1 with VR Glasses
Hardware Part II – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 2 with Intel Skylake press conference
Hardware Part III – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 3 with Gigabyte Skylake presentation
Hardware Part IV – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 4 with DDR4 and SSD
Hardware Part V – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 5 with Mouse and Keyboard
Hardware Part VI – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 6 with Racing Wheels and Racing
Hardware Part VII – Gaming Hardware 2015 Part 7 with Gaming Panels
Current Games 2015 – The latest Games with release date 2015 and 2016
Current Games 2015 – Collected works of the gamescom 2015
Gamescom Impressionen Part II – More impressions of the gamescom 2015
Cosplayer – Cosplayer on the Cologne fairground
Casemods and DCMM 2015 – 24 hour DCMM and Casemods on the gamescom 2015
End – Conclusion on the gamescom 2015 Gaming-Fair
Here is a summary of the latest Hardware News.
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