Icy Dock MB607SP-B ToughArmor Lite Review

Layout, design and features …

Typical for the Tough Armor series, this removable frame is also completely made of black metal and makes a very stable and high-quality impression as usual from IcyDock. According to IcyDock, the removable frame is well suited for medical systems as well as for servers and industrial PCs. The full metal construction also makes this removable frame flame retardant.

Besides the single SATA power connector, the four SATA data connectors are also present on the back.

In addition to the heat conduction via the metal casing, the drives are also actively cooled with a 40 mm fan. This can be regulated in two stages and even switched off completely via a switch. If the fan needs to be changed, conventional 2- and 3-pin fans fit here. If no drive is installed, the fan is disabled by default.

The EZ-Tray series is again used for the removable frame, more precisely the Slide Mini Trays as drive carriers. These are characterized by a high stability. Since they are completely made of metal, they are also responsible for heat dissipation. Drives from 7 to 15 mm high can be installed in these trays. The trays sit securely in the removable frame and are locked by means of a button.

By means of enclosed, numbered pins, the trays can also be individually marked.

Now let’s move on to the installation of the Icy Dock ToughArmor Lite MB607SP-B removable frame …