Lian Li SP750 Gold SFX Power Supply Review

Result and general impression …

The fully modular Lian Li SP750 SFX power supply convinces all along the line!

Both with its solid housing, as well as with the quality and length of the cables used, there is nothing to criticize about the SFX power supply. The processing is exemplary, the fan is pleasantly quiet and the voltages always remain within the tolerance limits.

In addition, the power supply is fully modular, so you only have to use the cables you really need and that is very important especially in small miniATX or microITX cases, because here you usually need every available space. In addition, there are no unnecessary cables getting in the way of airflow and the system looks much tidier overall.

With this excellent overall result, the Lian Li SP 750 receives our Purchase Tip Award.

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