OCZ 2GB kit PC2-8500/DDR2-1066 OCZ2N1066SR2GK nVidia SLI-Ready Edition Memory Review

The memory modules are provided on a green plate with black passive heatsinks (heatspreader) to get lower temperatures with higher voltages and higher frequencies. The heatspreader is pressed very evenly to the thermal pads of the memory chips and offers a good heat dissipation. A good contact between heatsink and memory chips is especially very important with a high memory voltage and/or frequency, because too high temperatures could destroy the DDR2 RAM very soon. Furthermore, these modules comes with EPP (Enhanced Performance Profile) support. This additional entry in the SPD EEPROM is helpful to get good timings and frequencies for easy overclocking on latest generation motherboards with EPP support. And nVidia SLI-Ready offers a full automatically system overclocking.