Philips 27E1N1300AE Monitor Review

Result and general impression …

With the 27E1N1300AE, Philips has managed to develop a monitor that offers rich colors and very homogeneous illumination. It is suitable as a solid basic model for gaming, as the resolution and refresh rate are only average. If you sit far enough away from the monitor due to the poor pixel density, you should enjoy watching movies in particular. The corresponding mode increases the color saturation even further.

Apart from the black design, the model is also very suitable for office use. The straightforward design – as reflected in the stand – together with the narrow frame, blends fantastically into a modern working environment. The slightly more elaborate but consistent pattern on the back is very appealing. Sometimes consistent simplicity can really hit the nail on the head.

As with many monitors, operation is not a highlight and the monitor should ideally be tilted to attach the cables, as the sockets are otherwise difficult to reach. However, this is usually only necessary once. The various modes for gaming, office work and movies take the manual initial settings off the hands of less experienced users. The USB and headphone ports are a satisfactory addition, while the speaker does not offer audiophile sound experiences.

If height adjustability is important to you, you should make sure you choose the model with the suffix “AE”, i.e. Philips 1000 27E1N1300AE and not the Philips 1000 27E1N1300A model. The latter would be a more sensible choice in terms of price if you want to mount the monitor on the wall anyway or on a monitor arm such as the Arctic Z2-3D Gen3 and the monitor stand should therefore remain in the box.

Overall, pixel density and resolution are two points that should be optimized in future models. Apart from that, many manufacturers could take a leaf out of the book regarding the beautiful design.

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