Atlasio SHD Mini and Dynamic Chair Review

Electrically height-adjustable office desk and height-adjustable seat! Today on we are testing the Atlasio SHD Mini, an electrically height-adjustable desk and Atlasio Dynamic Chair for the home office workplace or SoHo. On our YouTube Channel we have assembled everything and also show a few useful upgrades that we have designed and printed out with the 3D printer.

Thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to the manufacturer Atlasio.

The Atlasio SHD Mini desk currently has a price of approx. 399 Euro and the Atlasio chair was priced at around 199 Euro (04/2024).

There are other versions such as the Atlasio SHD height-adjustable computer desk in 120x60cm with slightly better features, which is available for a similar price, as well as a height-adjustable PC desk in 140x65cm, each available in black or white. The dimensions naturally depend on the available space that you can or want to make available for your home office workstation or in the office.

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The delivery of the Atlasio SHD Mini …

The disassembled desk is delivered in this large but relatively flat box.

After opening the box, the first thing you see is a large polystyrene insert.

Underneath is the glass plate pre-mounted on the frame, which is also wrapped in foil.

The two table legs are located under the table, where the motor and gearbox have already been pre-assembled.

After removing the other polystyrene insert, the remaining accessories are revealed.

Here you can see the entire scope of delivery at a glance, from the table top, table legs and table feet to the transmission rod, plug-in power supply unit and all screws in small labeled bags.

The delivery of the The Dynamic Chair …

The Atlasio stool was also delivered disassembled in this handy, but approx. 9 kg heavy cardboard box.

After opening the box, we first see the foil-wrapped seat and an elongated box containing the gas pressure spring.

If you take both parts out of the box, you get to the approx. 40 cm base.

To give you an even better overview of what is included and how to assemble the height-adjustable computer desk and the height-adjustable stool, you can watch a 20-minute Atlasio SHD Mini and Atlasio TDC video on our OCinside YouTube channel.
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Next, let’s take a look at the technical data.

Atlasio SHD Mini and Dynamic Chair technical specifications …