Socket A Cooler Comparison

Socket A cooler test – hear all cooler sounds online. I’ve expand the big socket A fan roundup with online mp3 sound in the detailed test of following 21 fans: Alpha PAL 6035, Chrome Orb, EKL 462, Global WIN FOP 32, FOP 38, Golden Orb, Super Orb, Taisol CEK 733092, Taisol CGK 742092, Top Cooler, the Twin Orb, Twin Orb Rev 2, Alpha PAL 6035 N2/GH, Alpha PAL 6035 NGML, Coolermaster CH5 5K12 Heatpipe, Hedgehog 238M NGML, Hedgehog 238M N2/GHH, Pentalpha APSK 156 NGML, Pentalpha APSK 156 N2/GH and Pentalpha APSK 156 N2GHH. Just relax, watch the results and hear the implemented MP3 files to know what heavy noise some cooler have. New cooler like Volcano II and ThermoEngine in the interactive Fit for fan page. Watch it to estimate if the new cooler would fit onto your mainboard. There’re also several new fan in the big cooler comparison (including at this time 26 HSF) like the nice Coolermaster DP5-6H51, EP5-6i11, Zalman CNPS3100, the brandnew Twin Orb rev. 3, Thermaltake Volcano II and ThermoEngine with all sounds online.

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