Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus Review

RGB is no longer a unique selling point these days. Thermaltake tries to set itself apart with addressable RGB lighting from the mass and sets up with the Pacific W4 Plus a very chic water cooler, which we will take a closer look today. Of course again with a video in the OCinside YouTube Channel.

Many thanks for the support …

Thanks for the support to Henro & the manufacturer Thermaltake.

The Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus has a price of about 100 Euro at the time of testing (10/2018).

Here you can buy the Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus. *Ad

The delivery of the Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus …

The Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus reaches us in a compact box.

On the back we already see the technical data, some lighting examples and the software required for the RGB controller.

This is included in the scope of supply …

First, we find the printed installation guide.

After removing the first layer of upholstery, we find the water cooler and accessories securely packaged.

The accessory is quite extensive, as it supports all popular Intel and AMD sockets. The RGB controller is also designed to control 5 devices per controller and connect up to 16 controllers in a row.

Thermaltake Pacific W4 Plus technical data …