Tozo Open Buds Review

Layout, design and features …

The following 360° all-round view shows the Tozo Open Buds together with the open charging cradle.


The earbuds are safely stowed away in a charging box. As soon as the box is charged via a USB cable at the USB-C port, the indicator on it flashes before it lights up continuously when fully charged. From then on, the box can wirelessly deliver power to the earbuds when closed.

Unsurprisingly, the recesses in the protective storage and charging box are specially tailored to the earphones.

The housings with the drivers installed in them can be rotated downwards by up to 50°, while the brackets can be tilted a maximum of 75° to the right or 10° to the left. Adjusting the housing produces a pleasant clicking sound and is done gradually. Externally, the black earbuds are somewhat more noticeable on the wearer than classic in-ears with cables, as their housing is somewhat longer due to the mini battery and the relatively thick earpieces. After initial adjustments, the model fits comfortably on the ear, whereby we had to place the drivers as close as possible to the ear canal.

The manufacturer’s logo on both earbuds serves as a reference point for ease of use. The earbuds are switched on or off after removing them from the charging cradle or by pressing the logo for three seconds. When the left side is tapped, the previous piece of music is played, while the next piece of music is played on the right side. In addition, the volume can be reduced (left) or increased (right) by pressing and holding the button. The voice assistant is started by pressing the left or right earbud three times and, of course, phone calls can also be answered by briefly tapping one of the two earbuds during a call. However, touch operation can always lead to accidental operation.

If you want to remove the Bluetooth pairing, place the Tozo Open Buds in the charging cradle and press and hold the small button in the middle for approx. 8 seconds. This will reset the earbuds and remove the connection.

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