Tozo Open Buds Review

Result and general impression …

Overall, the idea of creating comparatively open-sounding earphones with the Tozo Open Buds works quite well. Bleeding to the outside remains moderate and, in return, ambient noise can be heard very clearly – if this is desired. The music literally seems a little less closed in; however, this does not turn the earbuds into a stage miracle.

The advantage of being able to enjoy electronic music in particular, or music with a lot of mastering, is very clear. In contrast, acoustic or vocal live recordings are not the product’s strong point and need to be given a few more decibels in the correct frequency spectrum by the equalizer with the “Vocals” setting. A little more flexibility and functionality in the equalizer would certainly have been an advantage, as the other settings only add to the existing emphasis.

The charging function and feel are neither better nor worse than those of other providers, although the charging cradle is slightly larger. The price point is moderate.

In the end, the question of the right target group arises and anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on so much of the traffic on the road will actually get a suitable product here. In terms of fit, there are hardly any concerns thanks to the adjustability.

The included USB cable could have been a little longer, for example to place the charger on the higher table while it is connected to the desktop PC on the floor.

In conclusion, we recommend the product to those music listeners who are reluctant to wear in-ears or who would otherwise not be able to enjoy music at all due to excessive acoustic distraction in road traffic.

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