Xigmatek Tauro 500W PSU Review

Today we tested an inexpensive PC power supply. The Xigmatek Tauro 500W PSU is 80PLUS Bronze certified, but not modular build. Therefore it is available for a lower price, so the concept can work out. In this review of the Xigmatek Tauro XTK-TB-0500B we will check in practice if the energy efficiency is just as well as the price and we will see, if this non-modular power supply can convince us.

Thanks for the support …

Many thanks for the support with the Tauro 500W by the manufacturer Xigmatek.


The non-modular Tauro 500 Watt power supply has a price of approx. 49 Euro (12/2012).

The Xigmatek Tauro Power Force PSU is available with following power ratings: Xigmatek Tauro 400 XTK-TB-0400B/A approx. 45 Euro (12/2012) Xigmatek Tauro 500 XTK-TB-0500B/A approx. 49 Euro (12/2012) Xigmatek Tauro 600 XTK-TB-0600B/A approx. 59 Euro (12/2012) Xigmatek Tauro 700 XTK-TB-0700B/A approx. 79 Euro (12/2012) The abbreviation “A” at the end of the model number indicates the input voltage 110-240VAC and “B” is 230VAC.

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The supply of the Xigmatek 500 Watt PSU …

In this cardboard box is the Xigmatek 80PLUS Bronze power supply with its accessories.

That is contained in the box …

Here is a first look into the PSU box.

On the following picture one can see the power supply with its accessories and with its attached cables. The ATX cable is approx. 51cm long and might be too short for some fullsize tower systems. So one better should measure all lenghts inside of the case, before buying the PSU. In the scope of delivery are the power cable, screws, a few cable straps and a folding sheet which contains a pictured building instruction and warranty (3 years).power supply pin allocations, warning references and disposal references were not included.

Here you can see a picture of the contained accessories:

1x 51cm attached ATX / ATX 2.2 cable with one 20+4-pin plug (51cm) 1x 61cm attached 12V CPU cable with 4+4-pin plug (61cm) 1x 65cm attached PCI-E cable with 2x 6+2-pin plug (50+15cm) 1x 70cm attached cable with 2x SATA connectors and 1x molex plug (45+15+15cm) 1x 85cm attached cable with 1x SATA connector, 2x molex plugs and 1x floppy connector (40+15+15+15cm) 1x 220V power cable

All plugs can be connected well and offers a safe contact.

The technical data of the Xigmatek 500 Watt Bronze power supply unit …