3 possibilities to get the Athlon system to a new speed record

There are 3 possibilities to get the Athlonsystem to a new speed record:

– You can carefully increase the FSB clock with SOFTFSB / BUSRACING / CPUBOOST
and if it’s possible with your mainboard, adapt the Vcore a little. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to open the case and you don’t need to use the soldering iron. The disadvantage is in the limitation of the CPU rate, because you should only pull up the FSB to approx. 115 MHz to prevent to get an instable mainboard chip.

– If you are not afraid to open the CPU but have no sufficient soldering know-how you can order one gold finger card to change the multiplier and Vcore. Now you can adapt the rate without much expenditure to the limit of the CPU. Since here are costs of approx. 25 up to 100 € many OCs prefer the third version to overclock the Athlon.

– however it’s necessary to open the Athlon and to exlude a smoking processor you need to have very good soldering knowledge ! In this case you have to open the processor and solder the 1mm small resistors to the required multiplier, Vcore and cache divisor (click here for my guide). If you use the K7M it is not necessary to solder the Corevoltage because you can change the jumper on this mainboard to get the same result. Since WCPUA2 can be started unfortunately only in Windows you have to solder the cachedivisor if you exceed the max. performance of the cache. Update: Now there are several programs like MAthlon or K7L2DOS to change the cacherate in DOS and it’s also possible to start these programs in your Autoexec.bat before your windows starts. You get the newest versions of these programs at links & downloads (oc-software) of ocinside.

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