Interactive Pin-Mod guide for AMD Athlon XP, T-Bred and Barton CPUs – the wire trick

Who doesn’t know the problem that it’s not possible to increase the FSB in the BIOS, or the increasement doesn’t change the pci/AGP divider correct so that the PC isn’t able to run stable. For these reasons I’ve build the new enhancements of the interactive Pin-Mod guide at OverClocked inside, where it’s now possible to fool the mainboard a 166 MHz or a 200 MHz FSB CPU to allow these FSBs also on mainboards which doesn’t have such FSB selections. Furthermore it’s now possible to select the Vcore from 1.85 Volt down to the lowest Vcore of 1.10 Volt. Altogether the interactive Pin-Mod guide give us now the feature to change the Vcore, multiplier and the FSB over the CPU pins of an AMD Athlon XP, Applebred, T-Bred, Thorton and Barton processor to get the maximum rate out of these CPUs.

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Here is the handling of the new interactive AMD Pin-Mod guide v1.2 …