Calculate the maximum rate for the cache/memory

Calculate the maximum rate for the cache/memory:

You can easy estimate the maximum cache speed with these few steps. Look at your cache part and you’ll see some numbers on it like 12345-33 The last two numers will mean that you’ve 3,3ns cache. If there’s a 3-digit number at the end you don’t need to calculate something because it’s already the cache rate in MHz.

Calculate the following formula to get the allowed ! values:

1 : 3,3ns * 1000 = 303 MHz + approx. 10% tolerance the Cache is overclockable up to 333 MHz.

1 : 4ns * 1000 = 250 MHz + approx. 10% tolerance the Cache is overclockable up to 275 MHz.

Or just type in your cache an click on “Calculate !”.

The Athlon cache speed can set to 3 different dividers – 1/2, 2/5 and 1/3 times to Athlon Core rate. Compare the results at the different dividers / processor speeds:

divider Athlon 500 Athlon 650 Athlon 800
1/2 250 MHz 325 MHz 400 MHz
2/5 200 MHz 260 MHz 320 MHz
1/3 166 MHz 216 MHz 266 MHz

You see there are some red values. Avoid them to prevent crashes. The red values are for the fast 3,3ns cache parts. Calculate your own max. speed by using your cache type ! It’s easy to change the divider to the right values with WCPUA2
or by using the soldering iron
and sometimes with some golden finger cards. It’s easy to get a stable PC but don’t think your PC change something without your help !

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