Intel Unlock Overclock Guide

Intel Unlock Overclock Mission

Intel Unlock Overclock Phase 1 …

So we look into the Phase 1 of 3 envelope, which contains a few instructions and a key.

The key emerges very fast as USB key with 2GB capacity.

Let us see, if the suitcase can be opened with this key. So we put the USB key stick into the integrated USB port of the suitcase, press the button …

… the LED lights blue …

… and then again red.

Thus let us continue with the Phase 1 instructions. One should plug the Unlock Key in a PC or Mac and launch the software on it.

No sooner said than done, we begin with the Intel Unlock Mission Phase 1.

On the next page, we see a cloze text with three passcode questions and a “generate key” button. Who like to answer the questions, can do this now.

Thus we answer the three questions briefly and click on generate key. Spoiler picture:

All three passcodes were accepted and a file with a key is build. This file has to be saved to the Unlock-key root directory.

Success – Phase 1 of the mission is fulfilled!

The Intel Unlock Overclock Phase 2 …