Intel Unlock Overclock Guide

Intel Unlock Overclock Mission

Intel Unlock Overclock Phase 2 …

Well then we look now into the second Top Secret envelope, which contains again three notes.

The Unlock Key can now be used to open the Intel Unlock Case.

Thus again, plug the USB key into the USB port of the suitcase, press the button and wait what’s happening. The light emitting diode pulse blue, then it turns green and a mechanical noise of a locking device can be heard!

Done, the Intel suitcase is unlocked and can be opened!

Here is a short YouTube video to open the suitcase:

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Of course this is far from the end of the mission, because the mission consists of three phases. The small secret, what’s inside of the suitcase and what we can do with these things, can be seen shortly. Additionally at the end of the mission, there will be a big surprise for the visitors.

The Intel Unlock Overclock Phase 3 …