Also with the Vcore solder guides one cannot go infinitely high

Even with the Vcore solder guides you can not go on indefinitely high!

Those who have followed my Lötanleitungen recently will have noticed,
I CPU Vcore voltage short (up to the little mistake with the MSI board to 2.97 volts)
did not set up too far.

It is not only difficult to cool the processor good enough
it also comes sometime shortly OVP to the limit of so-called over-voltage protection.

I have now figured out ways to deal with the OVP “VSEN” pin.
By putting VSEN pin of each voltage regulator with a small resistor to ground,
the voltage detection are tricked less Vcore and the voltage regulator adjusts them immediately.
The result is a higher CPU Voltage:-)
The power transistors but they have to work many times more than usual
and without cooling the power transistors are therefore too overwhelmed!

Maybe there sometime soon a soldering guide in combination with a transistor cooling instructions …:-)

For the time being, this also means that, for example, the OVP many Epox boards 8KTA3
begins quite early and sometimes can only tolerate a Vcore of about 2.03 volts with 17 K.

For this reason, once the Note – if there is no picture or no BIOS values
more can be saved simply uses a slightly higher resistance.
Or turns a rotary potentiometer to a small protective resistor in series,
to be able to make faster ways to detect the maximum of the OVP.

This is an online translation of the German article !