Interactive AMD T-Bred and AMD Barton painting guide

Today there’s finally again a new interactive T-Bred and Barton painting guide, with which it’s possible to ‘help’ the processor to another FSB.
Mainboards gets the default FSB and the divisor for e.g. AGP, pci, etc. devices by detecting the FSB ID of the CPU.
This FSB ID is considered in the new T-Bred and Barton painting guide version 2.3 to fool the mainboard another FSB.
This can be partially very important if you like to overclock your system and your mainboard only change the AGP divisor when it gets a CPU with a higher FSB or your motherboard entirely doesn’t support FSB changings.
So now you’re able to change the CPU-type, the multiplier, the Vcore and the FSB with this new interactive guide.

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