Revoltec Cold Cathode Twinset Review

The Introduction ...

Several times I got mails where visitors ask me to test simple hardware and today I want to follow this request.
First I've decided to test the CC Twinset by Revoltec, because nearly 50 percent of all Modders use or
want to use CCFLs (abbreviation for "Cold Cathode Florescent Lamps") or CC ("Cold Cathode) to light up their case.



The delivery of the CCFL Set ...

After ordering the CC Twinset youll get this small but fine package, which contains all accessories to run the CC's.



Package Contents ...

You can clearly see the content of the small package. The package includes the two blue CCFL,
which are firmly connected to the inverter (converts the low 12 voltage into the substantially higher CCFL voltage),
one switch with PCI plate, 2 lacing cords, 4 mounting brackets and adhesive tape to fix the CCFL.



Lacing cord and the attachment ...

The set includes the four adhesive tapes for attachment and the 2 lacing cords, but its mysterious for me
to manage it with 2 lacing cords.
But usually everybody has a kind of handicraft drawer, if not, you can also put the wires without the
lacing cords into the mounting ;-)
Furthermore there is a bigger adhesive tape to fix the inverter or you can cut the tape to fix both CCs.



The switch with PCI plate ...

A good idea is also, that the set includes a switch with pci plate, which makes you able to switch on or off
the 12 voltage of the power supply. Simply connect both connectors to the power and fix the pci plate in one
free slot and youre ready with the controllable supply.
You can also take the switch out off the pci plate and put it perhaps into the front-panel from the PC,
but first you have to mill out a hole for it.



The Coldlight Cathodes ...

Both Coldlight Cathodes (comparably with neon tubes) have a length of 31,5 cm, the diameter is 2mm,
but they have protection tubes with a diameter of 11 mm each, made of plastic.
To carry out the brightness of about 15000 cd/m the CCs only needs 3 Watt, but Revoltec has no written
information on the package.
The life span (refer to the manufacturer) is about 20 years, but I wasn't able to test this ;-)
In my opinion the isolation of high voltage wires are very good. If youre going to install the CC during the operation
of the PC, nothing bad will happen.



The brightness ...

The brightness of both CCs is very enormous and Im sure, many PCs will light very bright after install.
All the same youre going to install the CCs behind the fans, down on the PC, crosswise through the PC,
behind the hard disk or above on the top, the brightness is nearly perfect to illuminate the whole PC.
The advantage of CCs in contrast to normal PC lights is the extremely low heat emission
(thats why they are called Coldlight) and the very low current consumption, which have nearly no disadvantages
concerning the power consumption at any PC.



Conclusion ...

The Coldlight Cathode Twinset by Revoltec is a really nice product, very cheap in acquisition and easy to install
in any PC, also the PC-Modder beginners will be able to install it easily.
Revoltec just should work at the following points: the material to attach the CCs and an install instruction
for beginners.
Furthermore I miss the data of the brightness, the voltage and the power consumption.
But at least this a good product with only these few points to improve.



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